26 Years of Success in Environmental Consulting, Cultural Resources, Community Planning, and Landscape Architecture Design Services

For more than two decades, Logan Simpson has provided environmental consulting, cultural resources, community planning, and landscape architecture design services throughout the West. This year marks our 25th anniversary. Started in 1990 with just $2,000 in working capital, Logan Simpson now earns more than $10 million in annual revenues. We now do business from six offices throughout the West. We provide exceptional landscape architecture design, environmental planning, cultural resources, biological resources, Clean Water Act permitting, and community planning services throughout the West and as far away as Florida.

The Link Between Our Logo and Our Work

From the beginning, Logan Simpson’s founders were focused on balancing the protection of natural resources and the responsible use of those resources. Our brand reflects the ideas of stewardship and balance between the natural and built environments. Our logo’s three elements draw inspiration from stone, water, and living things. The logo has been refined since it was originally sketched—literally on the back of a napkin—25 years ago, but it remains a symbol of the importance of stewardship and our role in helping our clients understand how their projects both fit into and affect the environment.

Guiding Responsible Change

Whether we are helping public agencies or private clients, our goal remains simple: to help guide responsible change. We hope you enjoy learning about all that we’re doing today as you explore our website. Please be sure to visit our Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center contains useful, interesting news about the firm. It also contains blogs written by our environmental consulting and landscape architecture design staff that provide interesting details of our projects and useful information about regulatory changes.

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