Demographic & Economic Modeling

Our community planning firm staff members have provided a diverse range of planning and design services for thousands of projects in the western US. Our team of certified planners, accredited public involvement professionals, and GIS analysts are experts in community and regional planning, and have developed a web-based tool to complete growth and demographic modeling to support land use, economic development, and transportation and infrastructure projects. The Spatial Holistic Analysis Program for Economics (SHAPe) is a web-based tool developed by Logan Simpson planners and GIS specialists to enable collections of jurisdictions to create unified regional land use maps. SHAPe allows systematic and transparent translation of different zoning designations into a comprehensive regional dataset to show relationships between jurisdiction plans and the regional development vision. When employment and dwelling unit density targets are supplied with the jurisdiction’s land use or zoning, SHAPe provides the base data for demand distribution forecasts of transportation networks, power grids, amenities, public services placement, and any other population-driven service.

Put simply, SHAPe enables individual jurisdictions to upload their land use/zoning data, answer some basic questions about its classes and characteristics, and have that data translated into a single, seamless dataset for their region. This seamless dataset is used to more powerfully model demographics and economics, growth, employment trends, and transportation.