Transportation & Transit

B93_1Whether you hit the road by car, bus, bike, rail, or plane—or even on foot—our landscape architecture design team believes that the landscape you’re traveling through should be beautiful, safe, and sustainable.
Logan Simpson’s landscape architecture design staff has more than 350 years of experience creating designs for roadway, airport, rail, park and ride, bus, and multimodal facilities. We work closely with our clients to create designs that capture the character of the surrounding environment while meeting environmental and safety goals.

Our environmental planning staff has worked on hundreds of transportation and transit projects, from development of NEPA documents to biological, cultural, and visual studies.

Projects include:

  • Rural highways
  • Urban freeways
  • Streetscapes
  • Light rail facilities
  • Transportation maintenance facilities
  • Transit and bus facilities
  • Park and ride facilities
  • Multimodal facilities
  • Airports