VR and drones and 360-degree images, Oh My!

Logan Simpson can provide a complete 360-degree image or video showing the current condition of each site. By using 360 cameras, we can effectively capture 360-degree imagery and video from a personal perspective in both an interior and exterior setting.

The camera has front-facing and rear-facing orbital camera lenses, which capture 180-degree images and video on both sides and interpolates how to stitch them together, creating a seamless “sphere” of image data. These spherical image files can then be viewed in such a manner that allows the user to pan and zoom around in space, much like turning one’s head around and looking in other directions.

Using 360-degree camera technology allows us to encapsulate proper scale and proportion within entire spaces. Whereas a standard camera captures flat imagery and is limited to what is within the camera’s angle of view, the spherical camera is capturing everything around it and processing it much like an eyeball would: fully understanding spatial relationships. This allows complete interior rooms and large expansive outdoor spaces to be seen and experienced.

Logan Simpson has also begun using 360-degree images integrated into VR (Virtual Reality) imaging technology. Spherical images and videos can be processed and then used with VR headsets to experience the area as if you were actually standing there yourself, offering the opportunity to view space and understand visual analysis like never before.