Casey Smith

Shareholder, Resource and Travel Management

Casey is a GIS analyst with experience in growth modeling; zoning, land use, and housing modeling; geodatabase management; satellite and aerial imagery analysis; and field work. He is proficient in Community VIZ and Envision Tomorrow +, using them for various land use and economic models.  He provides strong project support and leadership with his combined experience in GIS, community visioning, regional land use planning, data management, cartography, and public relations. He also has expertise in communication with planning directors, field offices, agencies, and GIS specialists to ensure projects operate in the most efficient manner. Casey’s projects have earned the Outstanding Achievement Award in Urban Design – West Salt Lake Transit Plan; Outstanding Achievement Award – Technology Award – Future of Salt Lake County Map Series and Crosswalk Portal – Component of the County Cooperative Plan; and a Utah Governor’s Award, Salt Lake County Cooperative Plan.