Fruita Downtown Streetscape Improvements

Urban Design // Landscape Architecture

Logan Simpson developed design enhancements to the City of Fruita, Colorado’s historic downtown core. The enhancements support business growth, will spur infill and redevelopment, and support the continued growth of festivals and events that are important economic stimuli for the community. The town is at the northern gateway to Colorado National Monument, and is well known for its scenic mountain-biking trails, Dinosaur Museum, and annual “Mike the Headless Chicken” and “Fat Tire” festivals. The Logan Simpson team prepared a master plan for Civic Center Memorial Park, which anchors the east end of the historic downtown, and hosts up to 25 concerts and community events during the year. We also developed plans for downtown core streetscapes, which accommodate year-round circulation and activities, as well as closures for major festivals. In the center of downtown is Park Square, which is currently dominated by cars and expansive asphalt paving associated with a large roundabout that surrounds Circle Park. The plan recommends widening the sidewalks around the square to 16 feet, and creating “woonerfs,” or living streets, in the corners that have landscaping and new pedestrian use areas that can accommodate buskers, vendors, food carts, and other temporary uses.