Buckeye Wildlife Corridors, Best Practices Guide

Logan Simpson developed the first-of-its-kind Wildlife Corridors Best Practices Guide, a set of best management practices and tools for development that considers harmony with wildlife corridors and the natural environment within the City of Buckeye’s growth area. While much of land surrounding the City remains undeveloped and provides essential habitat for wildlife, Buckeye is evolving rapidly, and the population increase warrants thoughtful planning. With the goal of maintaining and enhancing existing biodiversity while ensuring community prosperity, a case study-based approach was taken to organize this Guide around three strands – environmental, growth, and quality of life. The Guide’s is to advocate for wildlife connectivity throughout the City and encourage collaboration between all groups involved in developing Buckeye. Groups and individuals with local expertise helped inform the planning process, including landowners/developers, utilities, local/state agencies, and conservation advocacy groups.