Teton View Regional Plan for Sustainable Development

Community Planning

Residents in the rural, diverse landscape of Teton region rely on regional resources for employment, recreation, and housing—making a regional plan for sustainability and resiliency a necessity. Working together, four counties in Wyoming and Idaho created the Teton View Regional Plan for Sustainable Development. The plan highlights what the region shares in common while respecting the varied economic, political, and cultural views of each community. It presents a voluntary “livability roadmap” to guide each jurisdiction in its future development. The plan outlines parallel paths that each locality may travel independently or through coordinated, region-wide implementation. It outlines high-priority community-scale projects and multi-sector initiatives to be led voluntarily by local cities, counties, and organizations. Additional projects are summarized that may be implemented by localities over the long term. The plan’s regional approach is designed to help city and county officials, and public land managers better coordinate land-use planning, resource management, and community development efforts for the region’s long-term benefit.

The Teton View Regional Plan for Sustainable Development earned Idaho Smart Growth’s 2016 Planning & Policy Award and the 2015 Gem Award from the Idaho Chapter of the American Planning Association.