BLM Lander Field Office Travel Management Inventory

Travel Management // Environmental Planning

Logan Simpson conducted a route inventory of 5,259 miles for the Lander Field Office within the Agate Flats, Antelope Hills and Crooks Mountain Travel Management Areas in Wyoming. The project, which consists of 1,449,305 acres, was awarded under Logan Simpson’s BLM Travel Management BPA. The team used the BLM’s GTLF standard in conjunction with a customized data dictionary that included unique attributes requested by the field office, such as dominant vegetation type, noxious weed presence and the potential for off-track travel. The inventory team captured thousands of geotagged photos and photo points with over 70 domain choices for features such as route drainage, barrier or hazard, facility, resource, recreation use, and more to document route conditions and the location of infrastructure and other features of interest. The vast inventory area (roughly equivalent to the size of the state of Delaware) for this project was very remote and contained five wilderness study areas. To improve efficiency and minimize commute time our inventory team camped on site and moved our base camp as progress was made. This project received exceptional ratings from the agency in quality, schedule, cost control, management, and regulatory compliance.