Arvada Comprehensive Plan Development Update

Comprehensive Planning

Community planning firm Logan Simpson managed the comprehensive and transportation plan update for Arvada, Colorado. Arvada has changed and grown since its last comprehensive plan update, and is anticipating significant changes with the opening of a new commuter rail line with three local stations, a new regional parkway, large-scale new developments, and a renaissance in its Olde Town.

Logan Simpson’s Colorado environmental planning specialists worked to leverage Arvada’s strengths through integrated land-use and transportation planning, focused effort on key corridors and catalyst sites, and a robust analysis of demographics, economic conditions, and fiscal impacts. The multipronged community engagement strategy aims to continually reach and unify this diverse first-tier suburb of Denver through an interactive MindMixer website, speakers on the big issues and opportunities facing the community, multimedia coverage of events, mailed newsletters to all residents, advisory board summits, and engagement of youth in the planning process. The overall policy reform focuses on sustainability, healthy eating, and active living. The plan was unanimously adopted by City Council in December 2014.
The project included integrated land use and transportation planning for four new TOD stations, a regional parkway, a new creative district, policy reform focusing on sustainability, healthy eating, and active living, and plan elements for neighborhoods, housing, economic development, community character, historic preservation, parks and open space, environmental quality, utilities, and city services.

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