Town of Florence Padilla Park Wins Award

padilla park bottle pathDrum roll please … Arizona Forward and SRP presented 17 first-place Crescordia awards and 31 Awards of Merit. More than 120 entries were received in Arizona’s oldest and most prestigious awards competition focusing exclusively on sustainability. البلاك جاك Logan Simpson had a role on two of the winning projects.

Silver King Marketplace / Padilla Park won an Award of Merit in the Buildings and Structures Historic Preservation category. مواقع تربح منها المال Construction workers discovered historic bottles in an archaeological context during the initial grading of a park for the Town of Florence. Construction work was suspended while Logan Simpson completed a site evaluation and data recovery excavations. Logan Simpson completed the excavations in an expeditious manner and recorded 33 features, including glass beer bottle sidewalks, brick and adobe house foundations, refuse pits, and a water tower foundation associated with the historic Florence Hotel (1890–1996). العاب مقابل المال The remains of an earlier hotel, the Silver King Hotel (1876–1890), were exposed as adobe walls and footers situated nearly 60 cm below the modern ground surface. Logan Simpson’s rapid response and timely excavation program allowed the park to open on schedule. We developed a public outreach program that includes three signboards constructed within the park with a brief history of the town along with quick response links to the final technical report hosted on the Town’s website. Read more in Mark Hackbarth’s blog here.