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  • The Class I Cultural Resources Overview: A Developer’s Best Friend

    Chris Watkins, MA, RPAIs there anything quite like deep sea fishing? Once that line is in the water, you’re never quite sure what you are going to pull up, assuming you even get a bite. Experienced fishermen have certain expectations when they go to sea; some fishing spots are better than others, one type of fish is much more common in one area of the ocean than another. I would be surprised if I pulled up say, a mermaid, but who knows? الربح من الانترنت مجانا The ocean is a big place after all.

    The work of cultural resources is a little like deep sea fishing. We, as archaeologists, can’t be 100 percent sure about what is under the ground until we start digging. With the immense desert landscape in Arizona, cultural resources are sure to be present in various locations. In keeping with responsible environmental planning practices, archaeologists are regularly tasked with protecting culturally significant artifacts from damage that may result from modern development projects. However, we do have tools and techniques that we can put to work to greatly narrow our expectations about what might be present beneath the ground surface.

    One quick and effective tool is the Class I Cultural Resources Overview. In a Class I, an archaeologist will research a project area, whether it is the route of a proposed road project or a new development to determine if any archaeological sites have been located nearby. This includes the summary of any previous archaeological investigations. كيف تلعب بوكر In some cases, more time intensive techniques, such as an archaeological survey, have already been implemented. Therefore, we can say with a high degree of certainty if cultural sites are in the area. In other cases, we can look at nearby sites, the general environment, and other resources, and assess the likelihood of cultural resources being present in the given project area.

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  • Logan Simpson Design Celebrates 23rd Anniversary

    Environmental planning and landscape architecture firm Logan Simpson Design Inc. العب روليت اون لاين is celebrating 23 years this week. In August, LSD celebrated the first-year anniversary of our Fort Collins office with an open house.

    “We have been servicing the Intermountain West from our Tempe, Arizona and Salt Lake City, Utah offices for the past nine years, and decided in 2012 to open offices in Fort Collins, adding value through proximity and local knowledge,” said Diane Simpson-Colebank, CEO and president. لعبة القمار اون لاين “We’ve had fantastic business growth since then, and would like to thank all our clients and partners for their continuous support. لعبة بينجو

    As is tradition, Principals Diane Simpson-Colebank, Wayne Colebank, Greg Brown, Eileen Bailey, Tom Keith, Bruce Meighen, and Jana McKenzie will distribute gifts to employees this week to show their appreciation.

    LSD’s in-house interdisciplinary staff includes:

    • Environmental planners
    • Landscape architects
    • Archaeologists
    • Historians
    • Biologists
    • Clean Water Act (CWA) permitting specialists
    • Visual resources specialists
    • Public involvement specialists
    • GIS/graphics specialists
    • Construction inspectors
  • Logan Simpson Design Assisting Colorado Springs Utilities with Natural Resources Consulting

    Pikes Peak WatershedLSD is part of a team of consultants selected to provide natural resources consulting services to Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU). Previously, key LSD staff worked with CSU to develop a plan for public use in the Pike’s Peak watershed, an area that had been closed to use for over a century. كيف تربح في البوكر The plan provided for recreational use combined with resource protection strategies and monitoring to assure that water quality and other important resource values were maintained and enhanced. اربح مال مجانا
    LSD will provide similar services through this new contract with a focus on recreation and trails planning as well as the conduct of environmental assessments and related studies.

    CSU, a municipal utility, provides electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater services to the Pikes Peak region. كيف تلعب بوكر