Process Mapping: How to Get the Most Out of Your Workforce

Why map processes? It’s hardly a “sexy” topic, and generally, it’s avoided as a non-revenue generating activity that is not a productive use of time for many environmental consultants and planning professionals. However, if you find…

  • Tasks are done differently each time
  • Important steps are missed
  • Time is wasted on researching the right steps
  • Errors are common—costing time and money
  • New personnel are trained by overloaded peers or not trained at all

… it’s time to consider a solid process manual. This can get everyone on the same page, produce efficient, consistent work processes, and save time and money on your environmental planning and design projects.

process mapping for environmental consultantsLogan Simpson’s environmental consultants have become adept at identifying and describing work processes and developing manuals and training materials in an easy-to-understand language that effectively gets the point across. Moreover, illustrations help employees grasp processes and concepts quickly, no matter what their educational level. Our environmental consultants:

  • Present processes in narrative and visual format
  • Include an overview with background information
  • Confirm accuracy of described processes
  • Create “living” documents that can be updated as tasks change
  • Develop effective “glove box” guides for use in the field
  • Develop and deliver effective trainings that link job tasks to the regulations and policies behind them

There’s no time like the present to develop a culture of consistency and efficiency for your organization. Process mapping is a highly effective tool that can help you achieve that goal. As environmental consultants, Logan Simpson’s staff has longstanding experience developing process maps and manuals on environmental planning projects and more. We have also documented processes related to project delivery or services, such as survey and public involvement.

Whether you need a process map for a specific project or overall organization, Logan Simpson’s staff has the tools to simplify complex processes and boost team performance and future growth to achieve your desired objectives.