• NPS Transportation Resource Stewardship Protection Tool

    Logan Simpson is beginning Phase IV of this project, which provides a web-based decision-support system to allow NPS staff to manage natural resources within national parks. The tool allows users to aggregate and review natural resource data from multiple parks so trends can be identified. During Phase II, Logan Simpson piloted the program in ten parks in the Southeast Region. During Phase III, we improved the tool based on information gathered from interviews conducted with NPS technical specialists. The pilot testing for this phase was conducted in the Alaska Region and included nine national parks, two national forests, three national wildlife refuges, and BLM’s Eastern Recreational Management Area. In Phase IV, Logan Simpson will update the tool; update/develop support resources; and pilot the tool in the Intermountain Region.

  • For the Love of Winter Park

    Logan Simpson’s community planning specialists helped the City of Winter Park, Florida develop a vision plan that sets the stage for the future comprehensive plans and implementation actions. A major focus was educating the community about the visioning process, why individuals should participate, how the shared vision affects them, and how the City will use the vision to guide its future. The vision document promotes shared and common values of the community. The document evolved through a community-developed process communicated through advocates who live, work, and play in the neighborhoods. It reflects the community’s diversity and gives insight into what the community desires to become. Logan Simpson’s in-house graphic specialists developed a brand and message for the plan. We also worked with renowned speaker and author of “For the Love of Cities,” Peter Kageyama, to generate excitement for the plan and encourage additional public involvement. A group of co-creators, chosen from within the community, also helped craft our public engagement approach.

    For the Love of Winter Park won the 2019 Award of Merit for General Plans from the Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association. Read about the approach to developing the plan here; read the plan itself at the Vision Winter Park website.

  • West Highway 192 Redevelopment Plan

    Osceola County, Florida’s goal is to grow and diversify the county’s economy by making the 15-mile US 192 corridor more attractive to viable businesses. National community planning firm Logan Simpson completed a parcel-by-parcel analysis and a master planning effort for the W192 corridor, encompassing 4.3 miles extending west from Walt Disney World. The purpose of this planning effort is to identify programs and projects that can enhance the area’s appeal to the leisure tourism market and attract new investments. The planning effort is designed as a community-based initiative with continuing opportunities throughout the planning process for the core area’s property and business owners to provide policy direction. It will focus on what actions best strengthen the segment’s economic position and, ultimately, offer a vision and supporting development activities that have been selected through a public participation process. Read the W192 Redevelopment Plan here and the Design Guidelines Reference Guide here.