West Highway 192 Redevelopment Plan

Corridor/subarea Planning // Redevelopment Planning

Osceola County, Florida’s goal is to grow and diversify the county’s economy by making the 15-mile US 192 corridor more attractive to viable businesses. National community planning firm Logan Simpson completed a parcel-by-parcel analysis and a master planning effort for the W192 corridor, encompassing 4.3 miles extending west from Walt Disney World. The purpose of this planning effort is to identify programs and projects that can enhance the area’s appeal to the leisure tourism market and attract new investments. The planning effort is designed as a community-based initiative with continuing opportunities throughout the planning process for the core area’s property and business owners to provide policy direction. It will focus on what actions best strengthen the segment’s economic position and, ultimately, offer a vision and supporting development activities that have been selected through a public participation process. Read the W192 Redevelopment Plan here and the Design Guidelines Reference Guide here.