West Box Elder Coordinated Resource Management Plan

Public Involvement // Environmental Services

Logan Simpson’s Utah planning staff managed the project design and technical planning roles for this complex countywide planning process to carefully coordinate resource management across all the city, county, state, and federal planning occurring in the western portion of Box Elder County, Utah. The large and sparsely populated part of the county has a ranching-based economy, but lacks water and other amenities that typically enable self-sufficient and sustainable communities. The area’s mosaic of land ownership complicates land and resource management. With imminent decisions on federal actions related to grazing allotments and watershed protection, local residents turned their efforts to a planning process that would collaboratively focus key conservation issues and freshly engage stakeholders and inter-jurisdictional partners. Our Utah environmental planning team’s efforts helped everyone to understand, and for the first time coordinate, the dozen or so key government land-use plans in effect in the area. In these meetings, residents discussed challenges and conflicts, helped articulate desired future conditions, and built the framework for prioritizing goals for resource management across the landscape. As the team’s public involvement and project planning lead, Logan Simpson led extensive community-based scoping that included face-to-face meetings with stakeholders as well as several facilitated community meetings. We also led the land use and socioeconomic planning processes. The plan earned a Public Lands Foundation Landscape Stewardship Award.