Wellspring Park Conceptual Master Plan

Park Master Plans // Landscape Architecture

The City of Goodyear has a strong commitment to its citizens’ health and welfare and intends to convert a two-mile, 120-acre strip of land adjacent to I-10 into a world-class health and wellness park. Wellspring Park is being developed through a private-public partnership (P3) made up of the City of Goodyear and the Wellness Park Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Bordered by three medical facilities and with few site constraints, the master plan for Wellspring Park grew organically, based on City, stakeholder, and the public input. Inspired by the emphasis on human health, Logan Simpson’s landscape architecture team developed three conceptual plan alternatives: “Mind and Body,” “Human Nature,” and “Nature/Nurture.” These alternatives drew inspiration from human life cycles, body systems, and the effect of nature on human health, leading to the final conceptual master plan: “Mind, Body, and Spirit.” The master plan approaches health holistically. It proposes a health-oriented conference center and commercial spaces as sustainable revenue generators. The outdoor opportunities are geared toward fitness, adventure, gathering, physical recuperation, meditation, remembrance, environmental education, and healthy habits, all while immersed in an enriched landscape setting. Because of the scope and scale of the project, and the anticipated build out over several years, the master plan divided the Park into “precincts,” each of which has a different wellness focus and aesthetic character suitable for individual development.