Red Mountain and Canaan Mountain Wilderness Areas

Inventory // Cultural Resources

Logan Simpson served as the cultural resources consultants for the BLM St. George Field Office as it developed management plans for the Red Mountain and Canaan Mountain Wilderness areas, which are adjacent to Zion National Park in Utah. Our archaeologists conducted archival research and an intensive-level cultural resources inventory on 2,170 acres to identify the frequency and types of cultural resources. The high-elevation inventory areas (above 7,300 feet) were bounded by sheer cliffs on multiple sides. To overcome the logistical difficulties of the working within these remote, rugged areas, Logan Simpson used pack animals to carry equipment and food/water into the Red Mountain area then cached the materials at temporary supply points. Camp sites were moved on an as-needed basis to balance access to supplies and the work area.Logan Simpson recorded 57 archaeological sites within the Red Mountain area, including numerous large prehistoric artifact scatters and one historic irrigation ditch carved into the natural sandstone bedrock. A historic sawmill and a windlass used to lower timber down the sheer 2,000-foot cliff that bordered the inventory area were recorded within the Canaan Mountain area.