Highway 287 Strategic Plan

Subarea/Corridor Planning // Redevelopment Planning // Strategic Planning

Logan Simpson worked with the City of Loveland, Colorado to develop a strategic plan for US Highway 287, a regional highway that is the predominant north/south route through the city. The plan provides both policy and physical improvement recommendations, with a focus on revitalization and economic vitality of the corridor for the next 20 years. Key objectives of the plan include creating a positive, welcome image along the corridor; generating private investment; facilitating the redevelopment of deteriorated areas; increasing jobs and generating new tax revenue through development; creating a gateway corridor to downtown Loveland; improving public infrastructure along the corridor; and defining and implementation strategy and providing specific recommendations for City Council action.

A key component of the plan was the identification of key catalyst sites along the corridor. Conceptual bird’s eye perspective sketches of these catalyst projects were developed, providing city leaders an exciting vision for how these sites could transition over time, attract private investment, and improve the overall image and character of the corridor. A market study identified economic opportunities along the corridor, and informed the development of the catalyst sites. Public outreach included case study investigations, public open houses, business owner forums, and monthly meetings with an advisory committee made up of interested business owners and citizens.

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