Canyon Lake Main Channel Maintenance Activities

Clean Water Act Permitting // Environmental Services

The Salt River Project of Arizona proposed lowering the water level of Canyon Lake to conduct inspections and maintenance of structures, equipment, and hydroelectric facilities within the reservoir. Logan Simpson’s Clean Water Act permitting specialists prepared a CWA Section 404 individual permit and biological evaluation to allow dredging of approximately two miles of the Salt River bottom to remove sediment and debris that had built up in the Salt River channel and at water recycling intake structures. The dredging was timed to coincide with the lowering of the Canyon Lake water surface to allow routine maintenance of the Horse Mesa Dam. Logan Simpson conducted bald eagle surveys and coordinated with the USFWS and Tonto National Forest on potential impacts to threatened, endangered, and sensitive species of plants and wildlife. We also prepared conservation strategies and mitigation measures that were accepted by the USFWS and the US Army Corps of Engineers.