Block 22 Original Phoenix Townsite

Data Recovery // Cultural Resources

Logan Simpson conducted an Arizona cultural resources investigation and data recovery of two acres for the CityScape project in downtown Phoenix. Two cultural resources sites were present: the historic Block 22 of the Original Phoenix Townsite and the underlying prehistoric Hohokam site of Pueblo Patricio. Pueblo Patricio was occupied by the Hohokam during the Pioneer period, and intact features indicated the site was larger than previously thought. Block 22 was a 19th century commercial district; the portion of the site we excavated contained basements, foundations, privies, and pits. Excavations exposed 24 prehistoric features. These include two of the largest prehistoric houses found at Pueblo Patricio to date. Built between A.D. 450 and 650, they may represent the center of a village. Artifacts included unglazed Native American ceramics, numerous alcohol beverage containers, a carpenter’s brace, and a metal leg-trap with animal bone still in its grip.