Big Thompson River Restoration Master Plan

Restoration & Planning // Landscape Architecture

Logan Simpson developed a post-flood river restoration master plan along an 80-mile corridor. The plan was designed to improve the flood resilience of infrastructure and to restore the river corridor after the massive destruction caused by the flooding of September 2013. Logan Simpson led an extensive stakeholder and multiagency engagement program, and focused on small group discussions using large-format maps of the affected area, website information, interagency meetings, elected and appointed official briefings, and on online map commenting tool called sMap. The lead engineering firm conducted geomorphic and flood risk assessments; ecological habitat assessments; reach prioritization; and developed recommendations that Logan Simpson illustrated in prototypical plans and sections. Logan Simpson went on to prepare “A Bigger Vision for the Big T,” a restoration and conservation plan for restoring and enhancing public recreational opportunities and conserving lands along the river corridor. The plan was designed to prioritize strategic investment, coordinate funding strategies, and facilitate unified decision-making among stakeholders.