APS Cultural Resources Survey

Surveys // Cultural Resources

In a project of extraordinary scale, Logan Simpson’s cultural resources consultants surveyed approximately 5,000 miles of Arizona Public Service (APS) 69kV to 500kV transmission lines in Arizona and New Mexico prior to routine maintenance, emergency maintenance, vegetation clearing, and new construction. We coordinated with numerous land management agencies and Native American tribes. Our cultural resources consultants also provided site avoidance flagging and archaeological monitoring during vegetation-maintenance activities to avoid adverse effects to NRHP-eligible sites. Our cultural resources specialists developed SHPO-compliant field recording methods for efficiently preparing site forms for multiple agencies. We recorded field data using GPS to submeter accuracy for easy integration into APS’s GIS database and followed strict safety procedures. Our work allows APS to efficiently manage environmental issues within its transmission line corridors and provided an unprecedented body of data for conducting archaeological research across much of the Southwest. Logan Simpson was named APS’s Diverse Supplier of the Year in 2014.