Logan Simpson Wins GSA Blanket Purchase Agreement to Provide Visual Resources Services to BLM

Our visual resources specialists know that changes to landscape scenery can be one of the most evident—and often controversial—effects of projects developed on federal lands. Failure to understand or properly assess a project’s potential impact on the visual environment can result in costly, time-consuming delays.

The BLM recently awarded a five-year blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to Logan Simpson to provide visual resources management services, including the inventory, analysis, and assessment of visual resources required under the BLM’s Visual Resource Management (VRM) System. By conducting visual resources inventories that comply with VRM requirements, Logan Simpson will also help the BLM establish a thorough and consistent national geodatabase that will help the agency manage visual resources more effectively. The contract also allows Logan Simpson to provide visual resource management training, provide technical advice and guidance to federal land managers, and perform research on visual resource-related topics.

Logan Simpson is a Nationally Recognized Expert in the Field of Visual Resource Analysis

Logan Simpson recently completed inventory and analysis of more than 65 million acres in five states for the BLM, helping establish the baseline data needed to make land management decisions and assess potential changes to visual resources resulting from projects proposed for development on BLM lands. Logan Simpson has also worked extensively on visual resources issues with other federal agencies, including the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, and Federal Highway Administration.

Logan Simpson Helps Project Developers Understand the Visual Effects of Their Projects

Logan Simpson provides the information project developers need to help minimize or mitigate potential effects to the visual landscape during the a project’s planning stage. Having a strong understanding of the potential visual effects of a project can also help project developers avoid unnecessary delays associated with meeting the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and/or federal agency’s visual management objectives.

Contract Available to All Department of Interior Agencies

The BPA (contract number L12PA0097) was issued by the General Services Administration (GSA) and is available to all Department of the Interior agencies, saving the time and effort required to establish individual contracts for visual resources services. Logan Simpson can also provide visual resources services to federal agencies through its GSA Schedule 899 environmental services contract (GS-10F-0063P).