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The Evolution of Our Name to Logan Simpson

We’ve done it. We’ve dropped LSD.

Until recently, the acronym for our landscape architecture design and environmental planning firm was “LSD,” which stood variously for Logan Simpson & Dye, and later, Logan Simpson Design, Inc. But as our 25th anniversary approached, we began to spruce up our image with a new logo and refine our mission for the next quarter-century. Our thoughts turned to whether our name was truly representative of all the work we do—which now stands at about 20 percent design, 26 percent environmental services, 14 percent community and general planning, and 40 percent cultural resources services.

For many years, being LSD suited us just fine. استراتيجية روليت Our landscape architects were busy with planning and design projects. But before long, we added cultural resource specialists, biologists, and Clean Water Act permitting specialists. Public involvement became a specialty, as did visual resources analysis. Community and general planning was a natural extension of our other services. Overall, the firm’s planning and design activities became more integrated with the environmental services we offered.

When our 25th anniversary came along, we took a careful look at who we are and what we are becoming. The integration of design, planning, and environmental services is at the core of what we do. All our professionals—from landscape architects and designers to archaeologists, biologists, and the other “ologists” we have on board—are dedicated to stewardship and balance between the natural and built environments. شرح البوكر

So we’ve taken the plunge and dropped “Design” from our name. We like the straightforward simplicity of “Logan Simpson” and we like the fact it gives us room to express who we are now as well as how we will evolve in the future. ماكينات القمار على الانترنت At Logan Simpson, we partner with our clients to guide responsible change.

Along with the change of our name comes the redesign of our logo. We worked hard to create a design with the same simplistic approach as our new name and that encapsulated who we are and where we’re headed. In an upcoming blog we will share our design story behind the new logo.

Here’s to another 25 successful years!

Thoughts on our new name? Share them with us on LinkedIn! Want to hear about the process behind creating our new logo? Look out for a new blog post from our Graphics Coordinator, Ryan McClain.

Landscape Architecture Design: Trace BakerTrace is a public historian with more than 25 years of experience in marketing and business development for environmental consulting services and landscape architecture design. She is highly knowledgeable about local, state, and federal contracting.