Prescott Archaeological Mapping Firm Compass Rose joins Logan Simpson in Environmental Planning

Compass Rose Technical Services has joined Logan Simpson to continue to provide exceptional environmental planning services. Archaeologist and Compass Rose founder Stephanie Sherwood has joined Logan Simpson as an archaeological cartographer. For more than a decade, Compass Rose specialized in providing computer-aided cartography; GIS applications; field mapping; and freehand drafting/illustration for archaeological projects. Stephanie has worked on hundreds of projects for public agencies, private companies, and tribal clients. Stephanie set the standard in the cultural resources management industry for the type of maps, illustrations, and database requirements that are needed to accurately convey detailed information. Stephanie’s work has been published in archaeological technical reports, journals, and books, and has been on display in museums. The purchase positions Logan Simpson’s cultural resources group, which includes specialists in historic archaeology preservation, to complete complex archaeological projects of any scale across the western US.