30 Years of Design

Logan Simpson's 30th Anniversary Logo

Celebrating our Past and Planning for a Resilient Future

For 30 years, Logan Simpson has stayed true to our mission of guiding responsible change. This year, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect and look forward to how the lessons we’ve learned can help others create more resilient ecosystems, designs, and places.

Telling our Stories Through Design

Block 32’s V-shaped roofline, sometimes called the “butterfly” building, provides an approachable and human touch to Fort Collins, Colorado’s two-block civic campus. The first LEED V4 NC Platinum project in Colorado, the project was also awarded the 2019 City of Fort Collin Urban Design Award for Sustainable Design & Public Spaces.

Our homes are among the most personal expressions of ourselves. ECO PHX, a multifamily project in downtown Phoenix, combines comfort with sustainable living.

Projects tell a story about who we are, and what we value. Some of our favorite projects that express our humanity include: