Desert Arroyo Park

Parks, Natural Areas & Trails // Landscape Architecture

Designed with the twin goals of sustainability and preservation in mind, the 58-acre Desert Arroyo Park showcases its native desert upland and mountain surroundings through sensitive landscape architecture. The park’s careful landscape architecture design and site programming respect the natural setting, creating a dynamic relationship between the park’s natural and built elements.

Four educational nodes focus on Sonoran Desert bugs, birds, mammals, and reptiles.  A fifth node provides a large gathering area and nature-themed play structure. WiFi access and an outdoor classroom encourage learning and exploration.

Located next to an elementary school, Desert Arroyo was developed with student input. Members of a student focus group had a chance to be landscape architecture designers. Each student designed their own playground and presented it to the Logan Simpson Design team. Students walked the park site with designers to get a sense of how their designs might look in place. They even had their handprints set in concrete during construction. As a result of this involvement, students developed a strong sense of pride in the park.

City of Mesa resources to help visitors enjoy the park include a Children’s Discovery Guide, a Flora Discovery Guide , and a Fauna Discovery Guide. More information is available on the City of Mesa’s website.

City of Mesa, Arizona
Mesa, Arizona