Browns Canyon National Monument Management Plan and EIS

Resource Management & NEPA // Environmental Planning

Logan Simpson is leading the effort to prepare the first-ever management plan (MP) for the newly-created Browns Canyon National Monument in Colorado. This 21,604-acre monument is located along the upper Arkansas River and contains scenic and diverse natural resources. The monument is jointly managed by BLM and the National Parks Service and includes one of the most heavily utilized commercial boating areas in the nation. The MP will comply with both agencies’ planning and management mandates, establish a comprehensive interagency approach, and provide a mechanism for communication, consultation, and coordination between the two agencies. The MP will focus on protection of Browns Canyon National Monument resources, objects, and values as well as providing for public use and enjoyment of the monument and continuation of historic uses, such as livestock grazing. Logan Simpson is also responsible for preparing the associated EIS. The MP-EIS will put forth a series of alternatives based on extensive public input, best available scientific information, drivers and stressors, and need for change and management opportunities.